Alps-Adria Working Community marks its 30th anniversary in Karlovac

The 30th anniversary of the Working Community of the Alps-Adria Regions was celebrated at a special session of its group for tourism in Karlovac on Friday.

Croatian Assistant Tourism Minister Zelimir Kramaric said that the principles and goals of this community "are today lasting values of the united Europe".

photo: Mladen Volarić

The Working Community of the Alps-Adria Regions has 13 members in whose territory 26 million people live.

This organisation includes regions, provinces, and districts in Austria, Italy and Hungary, while Croatia and Slovenia are members as whole countries.

Since 1996, Croatia has been the chair of the community's project group for tourism.

Addressing the Karlovac event, the Secretary-General of the Working Community of the Alps-Adria Regions, Hellwig Valentin, said that the project group for tourism was a basis for cooperation among the members. (Hina) 

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