Croatia is favourite summer destination among Slovenians

The news that Croatia is the favourite summer destination for Slovenians is nothing new, as confirmed by polls done in Slovenia every summer.

Forty-nine percent of those polled by Ljubljana's Delo daily said they mostly spent their summer vacation in Croatia, 45% elsewhere in Slovenia, 7% in Italy, 4% in Spain, 3% in Greece, while the rest choose other destinations.

Over 75% of respondents regularly taking part in these annual polls say they will spend the summer holidays in Croatia or at least one day on a trip the neighbouring country.

The reasons they most often state are Croatia's vicinity, the scenery, relatives, friends, and similar languages. Also, many Slovenians have a summer property in Croatia.

The number of Slovenian tourists in Croatia has been rising by 2-3% on the year. After the much more numerous Germans and Italians, they are among Croatia's main guests.

Slovenian tourism too has been recording excellent statistics in arrivals in recent years, resulting in some problems. That's why many were not surprised by the recent appeal by tourism workers at Bled and Bohinj lakes to Slovenians to avoid coming during the summer and come in the autumn, when the crowds are smaller.

Slovenians love the destinations in their country, notably on weekends and holidays, when they are full, which can result in logistical difficulties on overcrowded roads leading to the coast, parking lots and inns. (Hina/FaH)

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