European Travel Commission expects positive results to continue

ZAGREB, 10.5.2013.

The European Travel Commission (ETC) expects that "appetite for tourism" to remain through 2013, although figures from Q1 indicate a deceleration in the growth of international arrivals and overnight stays.

"As 2012 was a strong year for tourism, Europe's modest upward trend confirms the health of its tourism sector against overall economic turmoil," said this Brussels-based on-profit making organisation, in a press release on its web site.

ETC expressed its expectations in a report of trends and prospects in European tourism for this year based on its report of Q1.

There is a growing interest for distant destinations but for Europe too which can be seen in the upturn in hotel stays at all European destinations.

ETC underscores the significance of tourism to overall economic development and opening new jobs.

The European Travel Commission has 33 members, National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) of Europe, whose role is to market and promote tourism to Europe in general, and to their individual countries in particular. (Hina)