Government adopts draft tourism development strategy

ZAGREB, 6.2.2013.

The government adopted at Wednesday's session a draft strategy on tourism development until 2020 which envisages investments of EUR 7 billion and a EUR 6 billion increase in spending to EUR 14.3 billion in 2020.

Under the draft strategy, the government plans to raise the number of tourism employees by 30,000 and new beds by 100,000 from 2011.

The main goal of the strategy is to put Croatia among the top 20 world destinations, said Tourism Minister Veljko Ostojic.

Another goal is to develop all-year-round tourism and develop tourism throughout the country.

The minister said the bulk of the investments was expected from the hotel sector.

Also today, the government gave its consent to Croatian Motorways to borrow EUR 53 million for additional investment in road construction. (Hina)