Minister Ostojić has assembled the owners of the largest tourism companies in Croatia into a Tourism Business Club

ZAGREB, 14.2.2013.

With the aim of strenghtening the competitiveness of the Croatian tourism, its more prominent development and  the active cooperation between the public and private tourism sector, the minister of tourism Mr. Veljko Ostojić has convened a meeting with the owners of the largest tourism companies in Croatia as the first gathering of the  Tourism Business Club. Setting up of the Tourism Business Club  stands for a way of  continuous, lasting and direct  two-way communication with the industry, through which topics of current interest and sector's priorities are going to be considered.

At the first gathering the minister has made a referral to the key projects implemented over the last year and announced the activities in 2013. Issues on business environment, such as new development and investment models, as well as the importance of the destination management, the state of affairs in the capital market, growth and development factors, a more prominent market positioning of Croatia and more effective marketing activities  were also discussed.

Importance of investment and the possibilities for granting credit lines to projects in tourism  were also touched upon, with the  attractive terms of credit lines granted by the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR)  for financing development oriented tourism projects having been singled out. The Club members have expressed their hope that the  tax on real estate proposal in the making  would provide for an appropriate and stimulating  model to be applied to real estate used in tourism.              

The topics mentioned above being an integral part of the Croatian Tourism Development Strategy till 2020, the draft of this document of key importance for the future of Croatian tourism has been presented to the representatives of the tourism companies  by the minister, Mr. Ostojić, going into the specifics of an effective implementation of the measures and activities drafted in the Strategy.

The owners of the largest tourism companies have welcomed the establishment of the Tourism Business Club and expressed their contentment over such type of communication. The intent to further invest in the sector and to take active part in proposing the business framework for operation have also  been stated.

The founding members  of the  Tourism Business Club are Mr. Jako Andabak, Mr. Boris Iveša, Mr. Franz Lanschützer, Mr. Anđelko Leko, Mr. Frano Luković, Mr. Davor Lukšić, Mr. Otmar Michaeler, Ms. Ivana Šoljan, Mr. Ante Vlahović and Mr. Veljko Župan. The current Tourism Business Club members employ over 9,000 people, generated  over 4 billion kunas in 2012 revenue  and plan to invest more than 1,54 billion kunas in 2013.

Minister Ostojić will keep on convening the meetings, on regular basis, with the representatives of professional associations in tourism, as well as with the representatives of the trade unions operating in the tourism sector.