TNT travel magazine praises Pula

PULA, 14.1.2013.

The TNT travel magazine has described the Croatian coastal city of Pula as an ideal destination for travellers to enjoy sun over a weekend.

In the article headlined "Weekender: Pula - the perfect way to spend a weekend in this jewel of the Adriatic," this London-headquartered magazine reports that "Pula, on Croatia's perfect Adriatic coast, is famous for its winemaking and incredible Roman ruins". It also reads that "Croatia is the sun-seekers’ paradise of eastern Europe, most famous for beaches, bars and bygone times. Serving up all this and more is Pula, a seaside city dotted with archaic quirks on the southern coast of the Istria peninsula." This weekly is distributed free of charge to residents of Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and has 250,000 readers.

Recently, Britain's daily The Sun published an article on its website on Pula and its festival Outlook, written by Lauren Taylor, who praised the city's tourist services.Headlined "Loud and lovely, Pula’s pretty special", the article brings an overview of last year's edition of the European festival of electronic music which brought together 15,000 revellers from the UK. The article says that Pula is best known for its unspoilt scenery, wine-making and fishing. (Hina)