Dubrovnik signs agreement to implement INTourAct tourism development project

DUBROVNIK, 4.12.2012.

The City of Dubrovnik has signed an agreement for the implementation of the EUfunded INTourAct tourism development project. The project is worth 1,371,500 euros and the city has been granted 116,900 euros.

The purpose of the project, called Integrated Tourism Action Plans for Southeast European Functional Regions, is to extend the tourist season and promote tourism in rural and suburban areas in accordance with the concept of sustainable development with a view to easing the pressure on major tourist destinations.

By investing in infrastructure, rural tourism and ecotourism, environmental protection and by applying high ecological standards, Dubrovnik will ensure safe development and will keep the population in rural areas.

The project will be implemented over the next 24 months in partnership with the Town of Glina from Croatia, the Sarajevo regional development agency SERDA, the Kranj Business Centre from Slovenia, the Municipality of Blagoevgrad from Bulgaria, the Municipality of Kavala from Greece, the West Pannon Regional Development Agency and the Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency from Hungary, and the province of Rimini Campobasso and the City of Lecce from Italy. (Hina)