Tourist Board adopts 2013 operational marketing plan

ZAGREB, 24.8.2012.

The Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) on Friday adopted an operational marketing plan for 2013 whose budget is EUR 32.7 million, one per cent less than this year.

The 2013 plan is transitional but will also represent the starting point for drawing up a new strategic marketing plan for Croatian tourism in the 2014-18 period, Tourism Minister and HTZ president Veljko Ostojic said at an HTZ session.

This is the first time the plan is being adopted this early in the year, which is important for foreign partners as well because they will know what Croatia is planning and how they can participate, said Ostojic.

He said the plan had two main goals - increasing arrivals in the pre- and post-season periods and in continental Croatia - because this season is showing that the biggest increases are being recorded in said periods and area.

Everyone who can contribute to those goals will be supported, as will those who create and develop products to attract tourists, the minister said, adding that EUR 600,000 would be invested in destination management organisations and companies.

He said EUR 600,000 would be invested in viral marketing and EUR 200,000 in travelogue blogs.

A total of EUR 2.5 million will be invested in online advertising, 109 per cent more than this year, while EUR 3.4 million will be invested in TV and print advertising, down 52 per cent.

As much as EUR 300,000 (EUR 13,000 this year) will be invested in education in tourist boards, in which those from the private sector can take part, because this is very important for tourism development, said the minister.

The plan was drawn up by the THR company from Barcelona and Horwath HTL from Zagreb, said HTZ Main Office acting director Niko Bulic.

Funds set aside for events will go up from this year's 200,000 to 400,000 euros, but funds for cultural tourism will be slashed by 60 per cent to EUR 150,000. A hundred thousand euros will be set aside for brand development, while funds for HTZ branch offices will be cut by 25 per cent to EUR 4.2 million. (Hina)