Address by Mr Veljko Ostojić, Tourism Minister - Safety Above All

ZAGREB, 18.7.2012.

Dear tourism workers and all tourism friends, dear guests,

The high season period has started. According to the first indicators of tourism result for the past six months the tourist season has met all our expectations. Therefore, we are very optimistic in regard to the following weeks as well as to the final results of the entire season. However, until then, until the last day of this year, it is our mission to pursue our operational tasks maximally focused and in the high-quality manner.

I would like to extend my greetings once again to all the tourism workers, hotel managers, waiters, chefs, chambermaids, entertainment organisers, private lessors and everybody else who is directly engaged and has contacts with tourists on a daily bases through their businesses, thus representing our country and forming impressions that shall encourage our guests to visit us again and communicate their content with holidays spent in Croatia. Your hard work, professionalism, courtesy and smiling face are the reflection of Croatia as a tourist destination. Consequently, I encourage you to persist even in situations requiring overtime arrangements and urgent and busy tasks’ finalisation and to stay true to the motto postulating that a guest always comes first and that a guest is always right.

A high frequency of tourists’ visits is an enormous organisational and safety challenge. Drivers’ fatigue and lack of attention may result in fatalities. Therefore, I call upon all of you to set on a journey relaxed and without unnecessary haste because the paramount thing is to reach a desired destination without difficulties. In the holiday centres along the coast the Croatian policemen are patrolling together with policemen from the countries where the largest number of tourists comes from as part of the Safe Tourist Season Project. I greet them as well, these keepers of order and safety, and I solicit them to demonstrate repeatedly that Croatia is, first and foremost, a country of cordial people auguring the warmest welcome to all its benevolent guests. 

Moreover, I ask tourists to seize their time exploring the yet undiscovered beauties of Croatia which are located not only along our famously praised coast but also in the hinterland and in the continental Croatia. Please enjoy the rich cultural and historical heritage, unique traditional culinary delicatessens and numerous tourism jewels of our country. 

I wish successful business results to tourism workers and memorable holidays to our dear guests!

Sincerely yours,
Tourism Minister, Veljko Ostojić