Croatian tourism minister offers condolences to those involved in Czech bus accident

ZAGREB, 23.6.2012.

Croatian Tourism Minister Veljko Ostojic on Saturday expressed his condolences to those involved in a fatal bus accident in which eight Czech nationals died and over 40 were injured when their Zadar-bound bus crashed into a motorway barrier and tumbled near the Krpani tunnel on the motorway from the capital of Zagreb to the Adriatic city of Split at 3.50 am Saturday.

The tourism minister said he conveyed condolences on his own behalf and on the behalf of the Croatian government to the families of the accident's victims.

Minister Ostojic also announced that he would soon visit the injured passengers admitted to the hospital in the town of Gospic, central Croatia.

The tourism ministry will offer all the logistic support to the families whose dearest ones had travelled in that bus to the Croatian coast on their summer holidays, the Croatian ministry said in a press release.

Upon the recovery of the injured persons which I hope will be fast, the Tourism Ministry will offer them and their families arrangements for their stay on the Croatian coast, the Croatian tourism minister was quoted as saying in the press release. (Hina)