Government grants concession to Koncar's company for Sveta Katarina island

ZAGREB, 12.4.2012.

At its session on Thursday the government gave a concession to the Kermas Vod Cetiri company, owned by Danko Koncar, with headquarters in Vodnjan, for the island Sveta Katarina - Munumenti, as part of the Brijuni Rivijera tourism project.

The concession was granted to build and operate in the coastal belt two nautical ports - the Sveta Katarina port and Port 2, at the location of the Brijuni-Rivijera development programme Sveta Katarina-Monumenti.

The total area of the maritime demesne for which the concession was granted is some 344,000 square metres.

The concession was granted for a period of 50 years.

Over the next five years, Kermas Vod Cetiri plans to invest EUR 29.97 million in the two marinas and another EUR 16 million in a hotel and other tourist facilities, which would create about 160 new jobs. The company will pay an annual concession fee of HRK 2.2 per square metre, with a floating rate amounting to 2.1 percent of the overall annual income. (Hina)