Slovenians mostly to vacation in Croatia, surveys show

LJUBLJANA, 23.6.2011.

Three-fourths of Slovenians intend to travel abroad this year and nearly half intend to spend their holiday in Croatia, according to the MasterIndex survey, whose results were presented on Thursday.

The survey showed that Slovenians use credit cards while on holiday in Croatia less than at home, paying 23 per cent of their total spending on average.

In choosing a destination, Slovenians pay the most attention to clean nature, good accommodation and food, and one-fifth spend their holidays in Croatia without booking accommodation in advance.

A survey by the Slovenian Tourism Organisation presented last week showed that despite somewhat reduced home budgets, Slovenians would spend their holidays in Croatia this year again. As many as 55 per cent said they would vacation in Croatia, intending to spend 541 euros per capita on average. (Hina)