Tourism results negative in May, positive in January-May

ZAGREB, 13.6.2011.

Tourist arrivals in Croatia's seven Adriatic counties and the City of Zagreb in May were down 5.4% on the year, while nights were down 8.2%, but the results recorded in the first five months of 2011 are positive, the National Tourism Board said on Monday.

May saw 756,000 arrivals and 2.7 million nights. Foreign tourists accounted for 629,800 arrivals and 2.4 million nights, down 7.5% and 10.3% on the year respectively. Croatian tourists accounted for 126,100 arrivals and 351,600 nights, up 6.4% and 10.1% on the year respectively.

The first five months of 2011 saw 1.6 million arrivals and 5.3 million nights, up 3.6% and 1.6% on the year respectively.

Foreign tourists accounted for 1.3 million arrivals, up 3.8%, and 4.4 million nights, up 0.6%. Domestic tourists accounted for 358,300 arrivals, up 2.9%, and 960,000 nights, up 6.4%.(Hina)