Croatia joins TUI INSIDE campaign

DUBROVNIK, 11.5.2011.

The promotional and educational campaign TUI INSIDE is being implemented in Croatia for the first time and the experience of other Mediterranean countries where the campaign has been implemented shows that it has contributed to increasing tourist arrivals from Germany by up to 30 percent, heard a news conference held in the southern Adriatic city of Dubrovnik on Wednesday on the occasion of Croatia's joining the campaign.

The project brings 900 travel agents to Dubrovnik and it is one of the two largest tourist events in Croatia this year, Tourism Minister Damir Bajs told the news conference.

The campaign is carried out by the Tourism Ministry and the Croatian Tourism Board in cooperation with Germany's biggest tour operator - TUI Deutschland. It is aimed at promoting the reputation of Croatia's tourism and making Croatia's position on the tourist map in Germany more recognizable.

TUI Inside has so far been implemented in Spain, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Cuba, etc. (Hina)