Tourists in Croatia spend EUR 58 per day per person

ZAGREB, 27.3.2011.

A research conducted by the Zagreb-headquartered Institute for Tourism in 2010 shows that the average daily consumption per tourist totaled EUR 58, with the largest share, EUR 30, in this amount being spent on accommodation. The average daily consumption rose by three euros since the previous research of this kind in 2007.

The research, conducted from June to September 2010 among 5,000 domestic and foreign travellers from 21 countries who were on holidays in seven Croatian counties, shows the British ranked first with EUR 126 spent per day of their stay in Croatia.

Russian tourists were second with EUR 118. They were followed by the French (EUR 107). The Germans, who were the most numerous foreign tourists, spent EUR 58 per day of their stay.

The findings of the research were presented at a tourism forum held on 23 March during the CroTour show at the Zagreb Fair compound this past week.

The daily consumption per guest in camp facilities totaled EUR 47 and in private accommodation EUR 43. In hotels, the daily consumption per guest was EUR 100. (Hina)