Tourism ministry co-financing project of international police cooperation

Interior Minister Tomislav Karamarko and Tourism Minister Damir Bajs signed in the coastal city of Novi Vinodolski on Sunday an agreement on co-financing the stay of uniform police from European countries in Croatian coastal cities.

Under the agreement, the Tourism Ministry will allocate 200,000 kuna for the project. The project has been implemented since 2006, and this year 60 police officers from seven countries and the Interpol General Secretariat were staying on the Croatian coast. They carried out their tasks in police uniforms, without carrying any weapons, and went on joint patrols with Croatian police.

Karamarko said that this year 169 criminal acts had been committed against foreign nationals, a 20 percent decrease in relation to 2009.

He added that the police cooperation project was producing results, underlining the importance of cooperation with Slovak police officers in Croatia who helped arrest a group of Slovak criminals.

With this project we are showing that we are already a part of the EU, said Karamarko.

Speaking of the tourist season which is nearing completion, Minister Bajs pointed to the very good results in July. The regions of Istria and Kvarner are slowly picking up, and some areas in Dalmatia have seen a two-digit increase in tourist turnover, he said.

The German market is recovering slowly as well, and by the end of the year German arrivals are expected to reach last year's figures, but the number of Italian tourists is still lower than last year, Bajs said while speaking about the two markets which are important for the Croatian tourism.