Lonely Planet: Croatia more popular than ever

ZAGREB, 9.8.2010.
Croatia continues to be the up and coming celebrity of European travel though, seeing visitor numbers up by 15% by plane and 9% by ship based on last year"s already bumper crop, according to Lonely Planet.
Writing about "hot" travelling trends this summer, the author of the Lonely Planet article published last week, Tom Hall, said that the big summer getaway has begun in earnest.

"Dubrovnik Airport carried more passengers on 1 August than in the entire month of February, though with 15,000 people passing through it was a relative backwater compared to the big Spanish hubs," the article said.

Hall also recalled a recent visit by Shawshank Redemption star Morgan Freeman who was among the stellar names in Dubrovnik for a meeting of Hollywood big-wigs.

Another place Hall has mentioned for enjoying a blast of the good times is Turkey. " Istanbul is basking in its status as European Capital of Culture alongside lesser known treats like Pécs in Hungary and Germany"s Essen, with a seemingly endless number of cruise ships sending happy castaways into the mammoth interior of Aya Sofya."

The third destination according to popularity is the United Kingdom, and according to Hall "recent Office of National Statistics figures show that camping has overtaken staying in a Bed & Breakfast in popularity."

Following the good review by Lonely Planet, the director of the Croatian National Board of Tourism (HTZ), Niko Bulic, said the HTZ had been systematically promoting Croatia around the world for the past ten years. (Hina)