Croatia ranked 2nd in Europe in campsite nights' share in all nights

While the number of nights spent on campsites in the EU27 account for an average 15 per cent of nights in tourist accommodation, in Croatia they account for 34.6 per cent of all nights, ranking Croatia second among EU27, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, Eurostat said on Friday.

In the European Union, the number of nights spent on campsites accounts for the highest number of all nights in Denmark (43 per cent) and the lowest in Poland (one per cent).
There were 26,000 camps with accommodation for some 10 million people in the EU in 2008, logging 354 million nights.

According to Eurostat, Croatia has campsite accommodation for 212,000 tourists, a little less than Denmark and a little more than Austria. The number of nights in Croatian campsites in 2008 was 13 million. (Hina)