Conde Nast Traveller says Dubrovnik is once again a chic destination

ZAGREB, 9.5.2010.
The British June edition of Conde Nast Traveller magazine features a five-page spread on the southern Adriatic resort of Dubrovnik saying it is once again a chic destination and recommending that readers visit and explore the city as well as the rest of Croatia, the Adriatic Luxury Hotels company said on Thursday.

British journalist Jonathan Bastable says in the article that few cities leave such a first impression and that as soon as one sees Dubrovnik, one wants to come closer and enter it.

Comparing the city with a stone symphony, Bastable says Dubrovnik is a magnet for celebrities and that many have stayed there looking to buy a house, such as Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Spacey or Beyonce.

Bastable provides a detailed description of his impression of Dubrovnik's old city and local residents, comparing the liveliness with ancient Rome. He says the Stradun Street is magical and compares the city walls with the Chinese wall.

Bastable also mentions the nearby Cavtat, describing it as charming, and recommends visiting Dubrovnik also in September.

He also recommends hotels as well as bars and restaurants.