Czech Oscar-winning director to make promotional films about Croatia

ZAGREB, 25.10.2009.
Czech film-maker, theatre director and screenwriter Jiri Menzel will most probably direct a series of promotional films about Croatia which should be used for advertising Croatia's national tourist trade in 2010.

This Czech Oscar-winner and Croatian Tourism Minister Damir Bajs informed a news conference recently that they had in principle agreed on making promotional films for Croatian tourism.

Menzel said that this would be a very interesting adventure for him, as he had not made films of this kind so far.

He said that the reason for this job were close relations of Croatia and the Czech Republic, their joint history and his affection for Croatia.

Menzel has recently also finished his two documentaries about Croatia: "My Croatia" and "Our Sea, Your Sea".

A great number of Czech tourists spend summer holiday in Croatia. (Hina)