Slovak and Croatian police satisfied with tourist safety project

ZAGREB/KRK, 28.8.2009.
Slovak and Croatian officials met on the island of Krk on Friday for a working meeting marking the completion of the Croatian-Slovak police project "Safe Tourist Season 2009".

The meeting was attended by Slovak Ambassador Roman Supek, a deputy to the Slovak police director, Stanislav Jankovic, Croatia's police director Oliver Grbic and his deputy Drazen Vitez, the head of the Office of the Police Director, Krunoslav Borovec, and local police officials.

Participants in the meeting expressed satisfaction with the project and with the positive response of Slovak tourists to the cooperation between the two police forces.

The two sides agreed to continue cooperation in the fight against organised crime and to hold a meeting in the coming weeks of expert police teams dealing with organised crime.

The Croatian-Slovak police cooperation is based on a declaration on cooperation signed in 1993.

In line with a memorandum of understanding signed in May this year, eight Slovak police officers were sent to Croatia's Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Split counties, where they stayed and worked on two occasions - from June 30 to July 31 and from 1 to 31 August.

During their stay in Croatia, the Slovak police worked in their police uniforms but were unarmed, they patrolled together with Croatian police and assisted Slovak tourists vacationing in Croatia.

Last year, Slovak police officers stayed in Split and Lika-Senj counties. (Hina)