Croatia recognises certificates for operating vessels by nine more countries

ZAGREB, 21.3.2009.

In order to facilitate the navigation of foreign boaters in the Croatian Adriatic, the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure has authorised permits for boats and yachts issued by competent bodies of nine more countries whose citizens are traditional nautical tourists in Croatia, the ministry said on Wednesday.

Alongside Hungary and Slovakia, with which an agreement on the mutual recognition of certificates was signed earlier, boaters from Austria, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Norway and Canada can now sail in Croatian waters if they possess one of the 35 authorised certificates issued by their countries.

The ministry added that the recognised certificates or diplomas for operating boats and yachts were in accordance with Croatian regulations. This is expected to facilitate vessel renting in Croatia without bringing navigation safety into question.

Information on recognised certificates or diplomas may be obtained on the ministry's website