Croatia among top three non-EU travel destinations for EU residents

BRUSSELS, 22.3.2009.

Croatia is among top three tourist destination outside the European Union for EU residents this year, according to a special report of Eurobarometer.

The Eurobarometer program is a series of surveys regularly performed on behalf of the European Commission since 1973. It produces reports of public opinion of certain issues relating to the European Union across the member states.

A total of 48 percent of EU residents plan to spend their summer vacation this year in their own country. The most attractive destinations are Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Greece and Great Britain.

Of the destinations outside the EU, the most visited are the United States, Turkey and Croatia, according to the survey that the European Commissioner published last week.

Croatia is among the top three travel destination in five countries - Slovenia, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Poland and Romania.
In the overall standings which includes domestic and foreign destinations, Croatia is ranked 13th. (Hina)