National Tourist Board to bolster promotion by spending more on advertising

ZAGREB, 28.12.2008.

In order to overcome the possibly negative impact of the global financial crisis on Croatian tourism, the National Tourist Board (HTZ) will bolster promotion in 2009 via media and Internet advertising, for which HRK 84.3 million has been set aside, 30% more than this year.

This plan is envisaged in the amended HTZ 2009 Work Programme, which was discussed by the HTZ Tourist Council and adopted by the HTZ Assembly on Tuesday.

Of the funds earmarked for next year's promotion, HRK 39.7 million, or 13% more than this year, will go for TV advertising on primary and secondary foreign markets. In accordance with this year's results, most of the funds will be spent in Germany and Italy.

The sum of HRK 9.5 million, or 19% more than this year, will be spent on global TV advertising. Less will be spent on advertising on CNN and Eurosport, but next year ads will be broadcast also on BBC World and Euronews.

The sum of HRK 25.4 million, or 26% more than this year, has been earmarked for advertising in the foreign press and for PR agencies.

The highest increase, nearly five times, refers to online marketing, for which HRK 10 million will be spent in 2009.

Due to stronger Internet promotion channels, the HTZ Main Office is setting up an Internet Office, which will be launched early next year, HTZ Main Office director Niko Bulic said. Bulic and the minister of tourism and president of the HTZ, Damir Bajs, stressed that all measures for next year's advertising would focus on intensifying relations with domestic and foreign partners in the private sector.

According to its financial plan for 2009, the HTZ counts on 20% higher revenues, namely HRK 273.78 million, of which 42%, or nearly HRK 115 million, is expected from the national budget, an increase of 28% from this year.

Bajs said these measures could generate at least the same results as this year in terms or arrivals and nights as well as a 3% increase in revenue.

This year is expected to result in 1% more arrivals, 2% more nights and a EUR 7.1 billion tourist higher revenue than in 2007.

Bajs said that 2009 could be one of the most demanding and least certain years for global and Croatian tourism, adding that the most important ratio would be value for money, service quality, and a cautious price policy. (Hina)