Campsites expect best ever results with 12% increase in bed nights

ZAGREB, 20.8.2017.

The Croatian camping sector expects this year to be the best year so far, exceeding the 17.2 million bed nights recorded last year.

The results achieved by mid-August with a 12% increase in bed nights also indicate record high results for the whole of 2017, the Croatian Camping Association (KUH) has recently stated.

"The results achieved by campsites this year are very good. Since the opening of the camping season in the early spring to mid-August, 12% more bed nights were recorded than last year and we expect a very good post-season, with indications that some campsites will remain open longer than they did last year - until the end of October - and we believe that this year will be the best ever for camping," KUH director Adriano Palman has told Hina.

He underscored that 13 campsites have decided to stay open all year. According to Palman, this will impact the structure of guests who are not coming simply for sun and sea but to enjoy the scenery and gastronomy, to learn about the natural and cultural heritage and to participate in sports events.

Another benefit is that camps have invested in improving product and accommodation, including glamping and mobile homes, which will include Croatia in European and world trends.
As usual, Germans make up for the majority of camping guests and account for 33% of bed nights in camps, followed by Slovenians, the Dutch, Austrians and Italians.

"Unfortunately, due to the lack of the habit of camping and the economic situation in the country, the number of Croatian tourists in camps is very low, with only about 70,000 arrivals and 440,000 bed nights, annually which is just over 2% of total campers," Palman said.

Camping is not cheap and camps are not filled with lower spending guests. This year camps with mobile homes and glamping tents, which cost between 200 and 300 euros a day, not counting food, are quite full.

Palman explained that there are a total of 202 medium and large campsites and about 439 small (often family-run) camps which account for 25% of total accommodation capacities in Croatian tourism and generate 24% of all bed nights. (Hina/FaH)