Agreement inked for construction of LTI hotel in Makarska

ZAGREB, 3.7.2017.

The Romana company as the investor and the DER Touristik Hotels Group (DTH) on Monday signed a management agreement which incorporates the construction of the LTI Romana Makarska Hotel, the first LTI brand hotel to be built in Croatia, it was reported on Monday.

The construction of the four star Romana hotel is estimated at 50 million euro and DTH will take over managing the hotel.

Construction of the 267 room hotel is planned for June 2018.

The investment will open 200 jobs while additional amenities will mean extending the season, primarily through health and sports tourism.

"The complex will be a guidepost for our strategic development and an emblematic project for its quality and operating standards even beyond Croatia's borders," Managing Director for Der Touirstik Hotels, Christian Grage, said and added that with the signing of today's management agreement, DTH will have a greater impact on the planning phase and later during construction so that it can contribute with its suggestions in a timely fashion. (Hina)