Croatia's tourism listed on Mastercard "Priceless Cities" web site

ZAGREB, 6.6.2017.

Croatia has been included as the 46th destination on Mastercard's "Priceless Cities" global digital platform, promoting Croatia and its cities and various experiences for tourists, Mastercard reported on Tuesday.

Priceless Cities is a global digital marketing platform that presents a unique experience of life and travel and the tourist offer in cities around the world.

Mastercard underscored that Croatia has joined destinations like Sydney, Bali, Bangkok, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, London, Rio de Janeiro, New York and others.

The platform was launched in 2011 in collaboration between Mastercard and local institutions and traders as well as the initiative of the private sector that promotes tourist destinations.

Croatia is a growing and more popular tourist destination and perfectly fits into the Priceless Cities campaign. We believe that it this will additionally enhance its international recognition," Mastercard Croatia and Slovenia said, adding that last year 1.23 billion tourist travelled around the world and this year their numbers could be even higher.

Mastercard underscored that the positive trend is visible in Croatia too. Last year 15.5 million tourists visited Croatia and this year that number could be even higher due to new business models in  tourism based on new technologies, including online and mobile platforms and digital payments, Mastercard reported. (Hina)