Tourist guides

A tourist guide is a natural person – a citizen who may also provide the services as a craftsman or a company. In order to provide tourist guide services, a tourist guide shall issue a decision.
Requirements for provision of the service
To issue a decision a tourist guide must have:

  • Croatian citizenship, or citizenship of the EU or EEA countries
  • Legal competence
  • At least secondary school qualifications
  • A proof of passing the certification exam for tourist guides
  • An adequate language proficiency to be able to provide the services
  • Croatian language knowledge to the level required for the provision of services
  • A person intending to provide the service may not be that to whom security measures (which are on-going) 

Required documents
1. Request/ Application form – look E-procedure
2. A copy of the ID card
3. A copy of the final degree diploma
4. A current photo of yourself; dimensions: 25x20 mm (the photo may be delivered in digital form via e-mail or on a USB stick; photo size: 720x825 pixels or JPEG up to 400kB)
5. A proof of passing the certification exam for tourist guides
6. A payment slip for issuing the tourist guide card to the account for beneficiary “Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost (AKD Zagreb)”
Amount: 45 HRK
Account number: HR4723400091100035352
Reference number: 00 OIB (of a tourist guide)
Purpose of transfer: Name and surname of a tourist guide
Administrative fee

  • for the requests submitted to The City of Zagreb according to The Tariff

No. 1 of The Regulation of Tariffs of Administrative Fees
(Official Gazette, No. 8/17)                                                                                 HRK 20

  • for decisions issued by the state administration offices in the county

according to The Tariff No. 2 of The Regulation                                               HRK 35

  • For decisions issued by The City of Zagreb according to The Tariff

No. 2 of The Regulation                                                                                      HRK 50
Payment of the administrative fees:
– directly to the prescribed account irrespective of the amount

  •  amount up to HRK 100 can be paid also in state stamps

Information for e-payment of administrative fee:
- fill according to information stated by the competent authority to which request for issuing a decision was submitted – information for payment of the administrative fee

E-PROCEDURE – for issuing a decision approving the provision of tourist guide services and issuing a tourist guide

  • Application form (request) must be fulfilled and signed
  • Application form must be sent to the e-mail address of the competent authority, with all necessary documents and the proof of e- payment of the administrative fee –all scanned in pdf
  • If the documents are sent via e-mail, there is no obligation of mailing via post or bringing the documents physically
  • Decision on approving the provision of services can be sent, at the request, via e-mail. The same decision will be sent via post afterwards. Term for rendering a decision is at the latest within 30 days, counting from the day of duly performed submission of the request
  • The candidate can start with performing services of a tourist guide after issuing a decision

Request for issuing a decision approving the provision of tourist guide services
Cancellation of provision of tourist guide services
e-mail for sending complete documentation: State administration offices in the counties, The City of Zagreb, Point of Single Contact
subject: e-request – tourist guide

Competent authority and regulations
State administration offices in counties, the City of Zagreb office according to county exam is taken for
If the exam has been taken for several counties, the application for tourist guide card may be submitted to only one competent office.


A decision approving the provision of tourist guide services
The decision of the competent office may be appealed to the Ministry of Tourism; the decision of the Ministry of Tourism may be appealed by initiating administrative proceedings