More than 1.1 million tourists enter Croatia over weekend

ZAGREB, 22.7.2007.

More than 1.1 million tourists entered and about 900,000 left Croatia from 6 am on Friday and 4 pm on Sunday, the Interior Ministry said.

The entry figure is even higher as information on entries by 4 pm today does not include passengers who entered Croatia via smaller border crossings, by air and by sea, spokesman Zlatko Mehun told Hina.

During last year's second weekend of the peak season (July 15 to August 15), 944,486 tourists entered Croatia from Friday morning to 6 pm on Sunday, against 982,491 this year.

Between 6 am on Friday and 6 am today, 297,966 vehicles entered Croatia via border crossings, while 235,673 left.

According to police information, the highest number of vehicles and passengers entered Croatia at the Macelj border crossing. (Hina)