Croatia is a safe destination, says minister

ZAGREB, 1.6.2016.

Croatia is a safe destination where tourists can feel safe and comfortable and a recent warning by the State Department to US nationals to avoid travel to Europe due to possible terrorist attacks should not be too worrying, Croatian Tourism Minister Anton Kliman said on Wednesday.

Calling on US and other tourists wishing to visit Croatia to do so because they "will feel comfortable and safe", the minister said that efforts were being made to make tourists feel safe.

"Security is in any case one of the main tasks in tourism, we have to continue working on it, but we are aware of the times we live in and we are approaching the problem very seriously," Kliman stressed.

Kliman believes that in the past, as well as during the recent refugee crisis, Croatia had shown that it was capable of managing crisis situations.

"There is no need to raise tension in public about security threats. In any case, our services are doing a great job and will continue to do so...it is necessary to see where the real dangers are, and they are not in Croatia," the minister said.