Croatian and Slovenian ministers meet to discuss cooperation in tourism

ZAGREB, 3.6.2016.

Croatian Tourism Minister Anton Kliman and Slovenian Minister of Economic Development and Technologies Zdravko Pocivalsek met in the central Adriatic resort town of Biograd Na Moru on Friday to discuss cooperation in the tourism sector.

They stressed the need for cooperation between Croatia and Slovenia in promotion on third markets, tourist exchanges, development strategies and in following tourism trends.

The number of Slovenian tourists visiting Croatia has been on the rise for years and there is still potential for further growth, especially in the shoulder seasons, Kliman said, adding that Croatia was expecting a record number of Slovenian tourists this year as well.

"Last year we had nearly 8 billion euros in revenues from foreign tourists and this year we expect more," Kliman said.

Pocivalsek said that Croatia was still the number one destination for Slovenian tourists.

"This year we predict that the number of Slovenian tourists to Croatia will increase by 2% in comparison with last year. Apart from Croatia, Slovenians will also travel to Greece, Turkey and Spain," Pocivalsek said.

He said that last year Slovenia earned 2.2 billion euros in revenues from tourism, and that 313,000 Croatians visited the country, or 13% more than in 2014.