Croatian capital venue to various events to boost its tourism trade

ZAGREB, 19.6.2016.

In the first five months of the year, Zagreb has recorded a 6% increase in tourist arrivals and a 12% increase in overnight stays compared to last year and considering the number of events that are being organised, Zagreb is becoming more attractive to foreign tourists and this year expects close to 2 million bed nights, Zagreb Tourist Board director Martina Bienenfeld said this past Friday.

"In terms of tourism, the situation in Zagreb is very good. Each year we are recording excellent increases in arrivals and overnight stays... We cannot expect two-digit increases to continue forever considering the limited accommodation capacity. Nonetheless, we continue promoting Zagreb on foreign markets as a 'city break' destination where every month something is happening that attracts domestic and foreign tourists," Bienenfeld told Hina.

She explained that the Zagreb Tourist Board was investing in promotion, however, its budget had been reduced by slightly more than HRK 12 million due to a 15% decrease in the membership fee. "That isn't a small reduction, however, it will not impact our activities which have increased compared with last year and we will achieve the goals set for this year," she said.

Asked whether tourists were bothered by the roadworks in the centre of the town, Bienenfeld said that those works were simply necessary to upgrade infrastructure and that not one complaint had been received in that regard.

As for various events that attract an increasing number of guests throughout the year, Bienenfeld underscored InMusic festival in June and Advent in December.