Croatian coastal resorts favourite destinations among Slovenes

ZAGREB, 27.6.2016.

Over half of the Slovenes who are going on vacation in July and August will holiday on the Adriatic coast and Croatia's resorts remain their favourite destinations, according to a poll whose findings Ljubljana's Delo daily ran on Monday under the headline "Croatian sea in Slovenian hearts".

Asked which country they most frequently vacationed in and if they would go there this year again, 45 percent of respondents named Croatia as their favourite destination, followed by Slovenia (24%), Western European countries (4%) and Greece (3%).

One in ten of the 400 respondents said they would vacation on the coast. Two thirds said they would spend between 500 and 1,000 euros on this year's summer holiday.

According to Croatia's National Tourist Board, 1,294,600 Slovenes holidayed in Croatia in 2015, generating 8,203,285 nights, up 6.5% and 4.8% respectively from 2014. Announcements for this year are also promising.

After Italians, Germans and Austrians, Croatians are the most frequent visitors in Slovenian spas, hotels and ski resorts.