Croatian National Tourist Board: Increasing Number of Arrivals and Tourist Nights

ZAGREB, 16.3.2007.

In the first two months of this year the Croatian Adriatic coast hosted 127.840 guests (plus by 5% over January/February 2006) and the number of registered tourist nights amounted up to 381.637, i.e. plus by 2%, according to the first data published by the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ – Hrvatska turistička zajednica).

Domestic tourists who totaled 75.261 (plus by 2%) spent in those two months at the coast 203.789 nights (minus by 3% over January/February 2006). Foreign guests amounted up to 52.579 (plus by 11% over January/February 2006) and foreign night stays reached the number of 177.848 (plus by 9%).

Croatia (the city of Zagreb and Adriatic coast) registered in January/February 184.199 guests, i.e. a plus by 7% over January/February 2006.

At the same time, Croatia registered 494.995 tourist nights (plus by 3% over 2006). Those nights are divided into 247.054domestic (minus by 3%) and 247.941 foreign nights (plus by 10%).

When it comes to foreign night stays, the best results are achieved by guests from Italy followed by the countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Britain, United States, France and Hungary.

During January/February Istria registered 28.647 guests (minus by 11%) and 112.388 tourist nights (minus by 11%), the Kvarner region had 47.248 guests (plus by 6%) and 127.045 tourist nights (plus by 3%), Dalmatia competed with 51.945 guests (plus by 16%) and 142.204 tourist nights (plus by 15%). The city of Zagreb hosted 56.359 guests (plus by 11%) counting 113.358 night stays (plus by 7%).

During the month of January, the Adriatic coast was visited by 74.424 guests (plus by 7% over January 2006). The number of tourist nights reached 205.808, i.e. plus by 1% over January 2006.

February 2007 in Croatia counted 263.605 tourist nights (plus by 3%), i.e. 126.204 domestic nights (plus by 2%) and 137.401 foreign nights (plus by 7%). During that month, most of those nights were put to the credit of guests from Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Germany and Britain.