Global Tourism Registered High Profits

BERLIN, 9.3.2007.

Francesco Frangialli, president of the UNWTO, stated that people keep on traveling although the world is often facing war and catastrophe. Only last year, tourist spending went up by 4.5% as compared to the previous year.

Talking at the largest international tourist fair ITB at Berlin, he anticipated an average growth of global tourist spending by 4% during the upcoming years. According to his words, some of the poorest countries will register outstanding profits.

 “Every part of the world gains from that growth in tourism, but the best results are clearly visible in case of less developed countries”, he said, adding that voyages have created numerous new jobs. Africa was last year’s leader with an increase in profit by 8.1%, thanks to tourism.

Frangialli also reminded everybody that it was necessary to undertake more serious steps in the preservation of the environment, which was one of the main topics of this year's fair in Berlin. He underlined that tourism often becomes the victim of the climate changes which are occurring lately in the regions of the Alps or on islands of the Pacific.

He also invited airline companies to join the global system of trade in carbon dioxide emission, in order to motivate the industry to start producing airplanes less harmful for the environment.