Croatia's national and nature parks on new single web site

ZAGREB, 17.3.2016.

All eight national and eleven nature parks in Croatia can now be found on a single web site providing information for visitors, the Environment and Nature Protection Ministry told a press conference on Wednesday.

The web site - www.parkovihrvatske.hr - is available in Croatian, English, German and Italian. The project was prepared as part of the PARCS project conducted over the past two years by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Croatia and the ministry with a grant from the Global Environmental Fund (GEF), the head of Croatia's UNDP office, Sandra Vlasic, said and added that the value of the grant for the entire project, to continue until the end of 2017, was almost five million dollars.

The web site contains information about more than 800 various activities, more than 900 photographs and information about more than 1,000 walking tracks and locations, Vlasic said, adding that this was virtually an open invitation for visitors to visit Croatia's parks. The web site will also provide the opportunity for on-line purchasing of entry tickets for parks.

PARCS project leader at the UNDP Valentina Futac explained that the new site would at the same time provide information via a Facebook profile - 'Parkovi Hrvatske'.

The web site will be officially launched on Saturday, 19 March from 11 am to 3 pm in Zagreb's Zrinjevac park and all 19 national and nature parks will present themselves at special exhibition stalls. (Hina/FaH)