Croatia is Austrians' favourite European tourist destination in 2016

VIENNA, 6.3.2016.

Croatia has been recording a continued increase in the number of Austrian tourists and, according to Austrian polls, Croatia is set to be their favourite European destination this year, the head of the Croatian National Tourist Board's Vienna office, Ranko Vlatkovic, said on Friday.
He was participating in a Health Tourism Industry conference in Vienna co-organised by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. This was the first time the conference was being held outside of Croatia. It was aimed at presenting Croatia's spa and health tourism and making Croatia an internationally recognised health tourism destination.

Opatija and Losinj are Austrians' favourite health tourism destinations in Croatia, the conference heard. Its director, Zdeslav Radovcic, said that no major step had been taken to implement an action plan adopted last June to bring Croatia EUR 2 billion annually, of which hospitals could make about EUR 100 million.

In 2015, 1.2 million Austrians vacationed in Croatia, generating 6.5 million nights, an increase of 8.5 per cent on the year.