Croatia's nautical tourism grows in importance

ZAGREB, 21.2.2016.

Nautical tourism, which is one of the most prosperous segments of Croatia's tourism, saw a 4.5% rise in the lease of vessels and in arrivals of nautical tourists, whose overnight stays increased by 4% in 2015, according to figures provided by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. 

The number of vessel rentals for tourist purposes went up by 4.5% to nearly 64,000, Leila Kresic-Juric, who is the HGK tourism sector director, has said recently.

Croatia is an increasingly popular destination for nautical tourists thanks to its coastal scenery, islands and national and nature parks in its Adriatic area.

The number of boaters visiting Croatia last year increased by 4.5% on the year to to 362,600 and their overnight stays increased by 4% to 2.5 million.

According to HGK statistics about the average boater sailing along the Croatian coast, the mean age of the visiting boater is 45 years.

Every second boater is from a household with a monthly income above EUR 3,500.