Zagreb: Notable Increase in Tourist Traffic

According to official sources, during the first eleven months in 2006, the city of Zagreb registered  over 562 thousand tourist arrivals (plus by 9.1% over 2005) and over 951 thousand night stays (plus by 8.5% over 2005). 

The registered tourists stayed in Zagreb for an average period of 1.7 nights and over 72% of them arrived from foreign countries, most of them from Germany (42.612), Austria (28.525), the US (27.872), Italy (26.860) and the UK (21.541).

During those eleven months, the number of foreign tourists went up 8.3%, as compared to the same period in 2005.

From January till November 2006, those foreign guests remained in Zagreb for more than 685 thousand nights (plus by 9.2% over 2005).

When it comes to domestic tourists in that period, their number went up by 11.1% in arrivals (total of over 165 thousand) and by 6.8% in night stays (total of over 266 thousand).

Zagreb registered the highest increase in tourist arrivals in case of Japan and Australia. The number of Japanese guests went up by 101.5% and of Australian guests by 31.5%, as compared to 2005. To be more precise, in the first eleven months of 2006, Zagreb was visited by over 15.6 thousand Japanese and by over 8.8 thousand Australian tourists.