Zagreb: Remarkable Increase in Tourist Arrivals

ZAGREB, 11.2.2006.

Zagreb experienced in 2006 a remarkable increase in tourist arrivals – statistics show that in the first ten months the city registered a plus in tourist arrivals by 8.5 percent and in nights stays also by 8.5 percent, as compared to the same period last year.

Zagreb hosted until the end of October over 517 thousand tourists and over 874 thousand night stays, stated official sources. 

During those months tourists remained in the city for an average period of 1.7 nights. According to the structure of night stays over 75 percent of those tourists were foreign (total of 370.2 thousand) which represents an increase by 7.9 percent as compared to the same period last year.

At the same time the number of domestic tourists amounted up to 147.5 thousand (increase by 10.3 percent over 2005).

By analyzing the origin of foreign tourists in Zagreb, from January till end of October, we see that most of them came from Germany (39.868), US (26.218), Austria (26.180), Italy (24.960), France (23.083) and other countries.

The highest increase in arrivals as compared to the same period last year was registered in the case of tourists coming from Japan (by 115 percent).