Education of Albanian Tourist Workers

A delegation of the Albanian Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports is visiting during 30 November and 1 December the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development.

The visit was organized under the aegis of the UNWTO within its program for technical cooperation. The visit's main goal is to secure additional education for Albanian tourist workers. 

During those two days the Croatian Ministry will try to introduce its guests to the knowledge and experience it gathered in the field of tourism, since Albania is planning to give tourism a special role in its future economic development. Main topics of the presentation will include the organization of the Ministry itself, tourist legislation, basic documents of tourist strategy and politics, forms of international cooperation, categorization of accommodation facilities, educational programs for employment in the tourist industry, systems for issuing permits and the control of business activities.

During the second day of their stay the Albanian delegation will visit the Croatian National Tourist Board in order to get an insight in the results of Croatian marketing and promotion activities in tourism.

The Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Albania have signed a Treaty on Cooperation in Tourism, and the two Ministries also cooperate within the Central European and Adriatic-Ionic initiative, as well as the Tourist Ministers’ Council for Southeast Europe.