UNWTO: 79th Session of the Executive Council

The UNWTO Executive Council will meet in Algiers for its 79th session, with the attendance of 38 Ministerial Delegations from around the world.

The session will be followed by a so-called technical seminar, on 22 November, discussing the topic: ”Tourism Destination Management – Routes to Success”.

The seminar as well as the session will be attended by a representative of the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development.

All in all, the Executive Council, will review the state of the tourism industry against the evolving global geopolitical and social dynamics, with an emphasis on tourism's role as a key element of trade and development and in the context of the organization's role as the specialized agency of the UN family dealing with this important service sector.

It will consider the major challenges to sustain growth, to manage its impacts sustainably and to spread its benefits equitably to the world's poorest countries. It will look at tourism in trade negotiations, climate change and cultural understanding.

Further, the attendees of the session will try to look for answers regarding natural and man made crises: to enhance security while reducing hassle for travelers, to lower barriers to the free flow of tourism services, to adapt to new internet based technologies and to promote public private partnerships.