July 2006: Adriatic Sea Registered 2.5 Million Tourists

ZAGREB, 7.8.2006.

According to first figures published by the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ), during July the Adriatic Sea registered a total of 2.505.840 guests (plus by 2% over July, 2005) and 16.175.303 overnights (plus by 3% over July, 2005).

The July number of tourist arrivals consists of 2.253.012 foreign guests (plus by 1% over July, 2005) and 252.828 domestic guests (plus by 7% over July, 2005).

The foreign tourists spent a total of 14.408.452 nights (plus by 3% over July, 2005) and the domestic tourists spent 1.766.851 nights (plus by 6% over July, 2005). Most of the registered foreign tourists arrived from Slovenia followed by Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.

Istria counted in July a total of 687.678 guests (minus by 4%), the Kvarner region registered 611.701 guests (same as in July, 2005) and Dalmatia reached the number of 1.206.461 tourist arrivals (plus by 6% over 2005).

Counting the tourist arrivals from January till the end of July, 2006 the Adriatic Sea was visited by 5.144.124 guests (plus by 3% over Jan-July, 2005).

Those guests mostly consisted of foreign guests (4.431.477), achieving a 2% increase over the same period last year. During the same time the coast registered 712.647 domestic tourist arrivals (plus by 8% over 2005).

The last seven months registered also a 4% increase in tourist overnights with the total number of 27.651.196. A larger part of that number was achieved thanks to foreign tourists with 24.4 million nights (plus by 4%). Domestic tourists spent a total of 3.2 million nights (plus by 7% over 2005).

During the first seven months in 2006, Istria registered 1.52 million guests (plus by 1%) which spent in that region 9.7 million nights (plus by 5% over 2005).

The Kvarner region counted during the same period 1.26 million guests (plus by 2%) which spent 6.25 million nights (plus by 3% over 2005).

Dalmatia reached the number of 2.36 million arrivals (plus by 5%) and 11.67 million overnights (plus by 5% over 2005).

When it comes to registered tourist nights from January till June, at the top of the list are tourists from Germany followed by tourists from Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy and Hungary.

Croatia (the Adriatic Sea and the city of Zagreb) registered this year during the first seven months 5.426.004 guests which is an increase of 3% over 2005.