Croatian Tourist Board launches new promotion strategy in London

LONDON, 1.10.2015.

The Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) in London on Thursday launched a new concept to promote Croatian tourism on foreign markets with the slogan "Croatia, full of life", saying that Croatia is "an energetic Mediterranean destination" catering to different lifestyles.

The HTZ chose London to unveil its new communication and marketing platform for tourism promotion, inviting about 100 representatives of leading British media to a rented boat on the Thames east of Tower Bridge. An artificial island with features of Croatian natural and cultural heritage was set up alongside the boat, which guests could visit in smaller groups.

The presentation was attended by Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin, HTZ Director-General Ratomir Ivicic and Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, who spoke of the importance of tourism and the British market for Croatia. "I'm really glad to have come here after today's meeting with the British prime minister. I invite you to visit Croatia and explore it, and not just in summer," Milanovic said.

"It's not just a new  slogan but a completely new platform with the aim of changing the perception of Croatia among most foreign tourists, to show that Croatia is not just a land of sunshine but that it has much more to offer all year round," Lorencin said.