Sunday Times proposes 'instant weekend' in Zagreb

ZAGREB, 23.7.2006.

The on-line edition of the British Sunday Times newspaper advises its readers to spend a weekend in the Croatian capital of Zagreb.

According to Richard Green’s article "the crowds haven’t invaded Croatia’s quirky capital, yet - but it can only be a matter of time."

Its charm lies in the fact that it’s a terrific little capital, with quirky sights, good food and a great outdoorsy vibe. It feels like Budapest or Krakow did after they’d been spruced up, but before they were overrun by western brands and mass tourism. The crowds will surely come soon - direct flights have made it temptingly accessible - but go this year and you’ll have it to yourself. 

"Still got your doubts? Let’s quash two now. No, it’s not a war zone: except for one direct hit on the parliament in 1991 (you can see What’s left of the prime-ministerial settee in the city museum), the
Balkan conflict left Zagreb unscathed. And yes, the Croatian language is fiendishly difficult, but you won’t need to speak a word of it. Everyone speaks English - with a smile," the article adds, among other things.