January - May 2006: 4% Increase in Tourist Arrivals

ZAGREB, 12.7.2006.

During the first five months in 2006, Croatia registered the visit of 1.762.059 tourists achieving hereby a 4% increase in tourist arrivals as compared to the same period last year. Counting the tourist night stays, Croatia registered during the same period 5.422.542 nights, remaining at the same level as in 2005, according official data.

Increased domestic tourist arrivals caused the plus in the total tourist arrivals during the first five months, while the number of foreign tourists remained the same as last year with a decreased number of foreign night stays.

From January till May official sources counted over 555 thousand domestic tourist arrivals, which is a 15% increase as compared to the same period last year. The number of domestic tourist nights went up by 16% reaching the number of over 1.4 million.

Foreign tourists, with 1.2 million arrivals (same as in 2005) achieved over 4 million night stays (minus by 4% over 2005).

The largest part of night stays, almost 74%, is being realized by foreign tourists and according to the structure of the guests most nights were realized by Germans (28.1%), Austrians (12.7%), Slovenes (9.6%), French (8.7%) and Italians (8.5%).

The first five months also registered a slower growth in tourist arrivals, especially in tourist nights. The first four months in 2006 registered an increase in tourist arrivals (by 14%) and in tourist nights (by 15%).

But the main tourist season has only just started and the good June results already show increases in tourist arrivals (by 10%) as well as in night stays (by 13%).

According to HTZ data, Croatia registered from January till the end of June 5% more tourist arrivals and 6% more night stays, as compared to the same period last year.