June 2006: Adriatic Registers 10% More Tourists

ZAGREB, 6.7.2006.

In June the Adriatic Coast counted 1.3 million registered guests, a 10% increase as compared to the same months in 2005. During the same time the coast also registered 6.8 million night stays, a 13% increase as compared to June 2005.

The total number of tourists comprises mostly of foreign guests (90%), 11% more than in June 2005 with 6.2 million registered foreign night stays (plus by 14%).

More than 135 thousand domestic guests visited the Adriatic in June, plus by 4% over 2005, and they realized over 518 thousand night stays (plus by 5%).

According to the data provided by the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ), during the first half of 2006 the Adriatic registered over 2.6 million guests (plus by 5% over 2005) and 11.5 million night stays (plus by 6% over 2005). Those figures were the result of the visit of over 457 thousand domestic guests (plus by 8% over 2005) and over 2.1 million foreign guests (plus by 4% over 2005).

During the same period of 6 months, Istria registered over 532 thousand guests (plus by 5%), 4.4 million night stays (plus by 8% over 2005). The Kvarner region reported over 652 thousand guests (plus by 4%) and 2.6 million night stays (plus by 5%). Dalmatia reached the number of over 1.1 million tourist visits (plus by 4%) and 4.45 million night stays (plus by 6%).

Most of the tourists arrive from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Britain, Hungary, Netherlands and Poland.

Analyzing Croatia (the Adriatic and Zagreb), the sources report the registered visits of over 2.8 million tourist in 6 months (plus by 5%). The city of Zagreb registered over 227 thousand guests (plus by 6%) and over 436 thousand night stays (plus by 5%).