Croatian National Tourist Board: Adriatic Coast Hosted 1.3 Million Guests in 5 Months

ZAGREB, 7.6.2006.

Based on official data provided by the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ), 678 741 tourists visited the Adriatic Coast in May, which is a 9% decrease as compared to the same period in 2005. During the first five months, the total number of guests amounted up to 1 331 248, which is the same number of tourists as in the first five months of the previous year.

The decreased May figures are the result of less foreign guests (minus by 11%), while the number of domestic tourists went up by 5%, reaching the total number of 119 657.

During the month of May, the Adriatic coast registered 2.63 million official night stays, which is a minus by 10% as compared to the same month in 2005. These May figures also show a decreasing number of foreign night stays (minus by 13%) and an increasing number of domestic night stays (plus by 14%).

Croatia (Adriatic coast and the city of Zagreb) registered in May a total of 731 454 guests (minus by 8%) and of 2.72 million night stays (minus by 9%).

During the period January-May the Adriatic Coast registered 321 792 domestic tourists, which is a 10% increase as compared to last year, and over a million foreign tourists, which is a 3% decrease. As far as night stays are concerned, the Adriatic Coast registered during that period 4.7 million night stays (minus by 1% over 2005).

Those numbers were caused by a set-back in foreign night stays (minus by 4%) and an increase in domestic night stays (plus by 10%).

Istria registered during the January-May period, 420 209 guests (minus by 1%) and 1.7 million night stays (minus by 4%). The Kvarner region registered during the same time 345 004 guests (plus by 2%) and 1.09 million night stays (minus by 1%). Dalmatia registered almost the same numbers as in 2005 with 566 035 tourist visits and 1.8 million night stays (plus by 3%).

Of all Dalmatian counties, good results and increases in tourist visits as well as night stays were registered in the Split – Dalmatian and the Zadar County.

A decrease in tourist visits and night stays was registered in the Dubrovnik – Neretva County, where during the first five month official sources registered 181 572 guests (minus by 1%) and 649 190 night stays (minus by 5%).

The Šibenik – Knin County hosted from January till May 83 826 guests (minus by 21%), achieving at the same time 253 345 night stays (plus by 8%).

Croatia (Adriatic Coast and the city of Zagreb) registered during the first five months 1.5 million guests (plus by 1%) and 5.06 million night stays, which shows the same results as last year.