Omišalj – 100 Years of Tourism

RIJEKA, 29.5.2006.

The town of Omišalj is marking its 100th anniversary in tourism and due to that it will organize a rich cultural, entertainment and sports program during the upcoming tourist season – from June till the end of September.

The main event will take place on 13 August. The organizers of the festivity will be the town of Omišalj in cooperation with the Omišalj Tourist office, under the aegis of the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development and the County of Primorje – Gorski Kotar.

The president of the Njivice – Omišalj Tourist office Anton Bolonić explained at the press – conference that the early tourist development in that area had been mostly marked by field trips/sightseeing tourism and that the best results had been achieved during the second part of the 80-ties.

Last year, Omišalj registered 29.800 tourists and 182.000 night stays which still represent only 85% of the numbers achieved in the 80-ties.