Pre-season 2006 Achieved Top Results

KORČULA, 9.5.2006.

The State Secretary for Tourism, Zdenko Mičić reported that all the investments for improving the quality of accommodation facilities and a smart price policy had resulted in a 10% increase in tourist visits and a 12% increase in overnight stays, during the pre-season 2006 as compared to the same period in 2005. Those figures were presented at the Government’s Committee for the coordination of activities and preparations related to the tourist season 2006, organized on the Island of Korcula. 

The best results were achieved during April, he added, when tourist visits went up by 22% and overnight stays by 32%, compared to the same month in 2005. Based on official data, the total income from tourism in 2005 amounted up to almost EUR 6 billion (minus EUR 1 million), which is a 9% increase as compared to 2004.

Mičić also mentioned the upcoming introduction of new regulations regarding gastronomic activities, tourist land, tourist communities and tourist activities.

The State Secretary for Sea, Branko Bačić reminded everybody of the upcoming implementation of night lines for island ferries. Starting with 1 June, the inhabitants of the five largest islands (90% of the total island population) will enjoy a 24 hours connection to the mainland. Besides that he also mentioned the very good results achieved in maritime transport and nautical tourism. During the first quarter of 2006 the Croatian Adriatic Sea has registered an increase of nautical tourists by 21%. Prior to introducing new measures to that branch of the tourist industry, it counted 148 companies and 16 months later their number tripled up to 471companies, Bačić concluded.

About the new low-tariff air carriers entering the Croatian market, the audience was informed by the State Secretary for Transport, Dražen Breglec. He pointed out that 7 of those companies would introduce 35 lines towards Croatia during the upcoming season. This was a proof for the Government's policy towards ‘opening up’ the Croatian air space. He also mentioned toll fee discounts by paying with the INA card and he announced the opening of the motorway passage Županja-Lipovac, by 30 June.

Another important topic of the session included various measures planned for fighting all forms of grey economy in the area of gastronomy and tourism. Also presented was an interesting new project produced by the company Hosting International. This project stands for the introduction of ten so-called tourist routes aiming to remind the guests of natural and tourist attractions which are located a bit aside from the main traffic routes, motorways.